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Infinity Art Furnishings' Inventory Liquidation Sale Items!

Both the Infinity Countdown Contemporary Grandfather Clocks and the Infinity Wishing Well Tables "priced to sell."

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In Memoriam

It is with sad news that we share that we no longer have our wonderful, talented artist with us anymore. Doug certainly was blessed with a very creative mind that was appreciated by so many through the years. The Lord called Doug home on May 8, 2018.

Doug still has some inventory that his wife Nannette Durkee is selling. You can reach Mrs. Durkee at (678) 386-5274.

Description of Artist Douglas Durkee's Creative Works

Douglas Durkee, was a member of the National Association of Independent Artists (NAIA), Kentucky Crafted and the Furniture Society, designs infinity mirrors, infinity tables, and infinity clocks. These unique light sculptures add a dramatic effect to your home or office.

Each infinity mirror, infinity table or infinity clock created is a unique piece of artwork. All of artist Doug Durkee's work contains electric lights placed at various intervals in a highly refractive chamber to create sculptured light tunnels.

Regardless of whether you choose one of his traditional, art deco, or ultra-contemporary art furnishings, each item has lights and special refractive lenses. This creates a mesmerizing tunnel of light with the illusion of continuing to infinity.

When you add an Infinity Art Furnishing to your home or office, it will transform that location from ordinary to extraordinary.


Truly contemporary grandfather clocks! These grandfather clocks are not your grandfather's clock. They are made of spun aluminum, stainless and many other materials that enhance their environment. No way do these clocks look like the stodgy old wood grandfather clocks of the past.

If you love modern furniture, you'll love my new line of clocks, and make sure to check out what is on the Videos Web page.

Infinity Mirrors

Unique infinity mirrors are created -- the only constant is the destination -- "The Infinite Light." Art lovers will enjoy the freedom of the journey into the tunnel of light and relish the tranquil transitions from the busy world to the peace of the light.

Within the light there is a time to reflect on why we were placed on earth and what we need to successfully complete our journey. One walks away from these mirrors with a sense of contentment and hope.

Infinity Tables

These artistic tables add dimension to your rooms by changing the mundane to spectacular. Whether you prefer traditional, art deco or ultra contemporary furniture, there is a table to enhance your current home decor. Inside each unique piece are light tunnels with thousands of reflections that appear to extend to infinity.

Custom and One-of-a-kind Designs

One of a kind pieces can be created - the only constant is the destination - "The Infinite Light." Art lovers will enjoy the freedom of the journey into the tunnel of light. Reflect your unique style with a custom piece of art for your home or office. Your personalized art furnishing will be a major focal point and a fantastic conversation piece.

Quotations are based on project specifications, materials, labor, etc. Call Mrs. Durkee at (678) 386-5274 to discuss your specific interest(s).


Phone (678) 386-5274 to speak with Nannette Durkee to discuss the specific inventory that remains to be sold. Thank you!