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About Artist Doug Durkee

"Once I was just a wish and then I was chosen. At the time I was born, society found it unacceptable to be unwed and pregnant. My biological mother felt she had no choice but to put me up for adoption. When my new parents, Willard and Ruth, adopted me, they made me feel very special because they consciously chose me to be their son. As a constant tribute to their love and kindness, I add my "lucky stars" to my artwork. -- Doug Durkee"


Although I have been creating and producing artwork for many years, I experienced a "wake-up" call during a major auto wreck while on the way to Novi, Michigan a few years ago. While I was sliding down the freeway, with my van on its side and my arm hanging out the window, I prayed that if it was my time that the Lord would receive me in his arms. Suddenly, to my amazement, my van righted itself and I was able to drive to the shoulder and climb out the passenger's side. Even though I endured plastic surgery to replace the torn skin on my left arm, I was amazed I'd suffered no serious injuries. God must have thought I was a long-term project since he obviously was not quite ready for me yet. After this accident, though, I became more aware that we do not have endless time on this Earth, and we need to appreciate every moment of every day.

In my studio in Marietta, Georgia, I create unique home furnishings. As a member of the National Association of Independent Artists (NAIA), the Furniture Society, and Kentucky Crafted, I take great pride in creating my unique artwork. Each piece contains commercial light-emitting diodes (LEDs) placed at various intervals in a highly refractive chamber to create sculptured light tunnels, or as one might say "my lucky stars."

Since my work is constantly evolving, the materials also change. Sometimes I use wood, stainless, laminate, or aluminum, but always lights and reflective materials.

My work is my way of sharing my blessings and a "glimmer of infinity" with you. Please spend some time browsing my Web site and enjoy viewing my artistic creations. Thank you.

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