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Custom Designs -- An Artist's Perspective

One of a kind pieces can be created - the only constant is the destination - "The Infinite Light." Art lovers will enjoy the freedom of the journey into the tunnel of light. Reflect your unique style with a custom piece of art for your home or office. Your personalized art furnishing will be a major focal point and a fantastic conversation piece.

What's involved? Quotations are based on project specifications, materials, labor, etc. Call Mrs. Durkee at (678) 386-5274 to discuss your specific interest(s).


Meanwhile, you are encouraged to examine the examples provided on this Web page for gaining an appreciation of what has been done for others who wanted a Custom Design product from Infinity Art Furnishings. Thank you.

Gallery of various examples of Creative Designs


Custom Clocks

NOT SHOWN: "Martini Time" is an art deco clock that is reminiscent of the architecture of the mid-1920's when decorative arts were in vogue. Two of this clock's most notable accents are the dramatic infinity light box in the head and the "set-back" of black and stainless in the base. It reminds one of the skyscrapers that were rising so fast and setting new height records overnight in cities such as New York City during the 20s and 30s. This art deco clock is well over 6 feet tall! It is a classic example of art deco furniture of 1920's style characterized by setbacks, zigzag forms, and the use of stainless ornamentation.

Custom Tables

Additional Custom Designs

Infinity Art Furnishings Triad Mantel Infinity Mirror image.
Triad Mantel Infinity Mirror Design

Infinity Art Furnishings Deco Art (lighted on a Mantel) image.
Deco Art (lighted on a Mantel)

Infinity Art Furnishings Man-in-the-Moon Infinity image.
Infinity Man-in-the-Moon Design 1

Infinity Art Furnishings Man-in-the-Moon Infinity image.
Infinity Man-in-the-Moon Design 2

Infinity Art Furnishings Man-in-the-Moon Infinity image.
Infinity Design 3

Infinity Art Furnishings Custom Stereo Cabinet image.
Custom Stereo Cabinet



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